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Meet Dr. Sarah Sun Liew  

As an educator, entrepreneur, and pastor, Dr. Sarah Sun Liew has managed to acquire an immense level of success through a long list of accomplishments ranging from IT and Global Banking companies, Real Estate Investments, legal services firms, and also the Medical field. As a life-long learner, she is ready to implement drastic economic improvement within the 33rd District by addressing its many issues right at the core.

Sarah was born in the city of An-dong, South Korea, and is the youngest daughter of four children of her father, Liew Sim Woo, and her mother, Dong Yea Lee. Growing up in a family of educators who have made great contributions to four areas of Economics, Politics, Defense, and Education in Korea has molded her into what she is right now, a person who always seek solutions to help the community.

During her college days in Korea, she paid for her tuition at her own expense by working as an English and Mathematics teacher for elementary and high school students. She also was an education pastor in a local church when she was 19 years old until she graduated with a Master’s degree in Theology from An-yang University in Seoul. Her academic career led her to experience life at the bottom of the world.

She tried to understand and help people in need and suffering hardships, specifically while attending a nursing school and working in the operating room, intensive care, delivery room, and pediatrics. This opened her eyes and she came to understand how short our life is. Through this realization, she dedicated her life to GOD and began attending a seminary school. She began serving the community as an education pastor in a local church. She became an educational evangelist and a director of the church school, where she learned the lives of people at the bottom of society.

She learned to rely on God as a pastor, instead of depending on her wealthy parents. By self-supporting, she became aware of the lives of people in need throughout society.

She assisted church Sunday school assistant teachers during her middle school years and became a Sunday school teacher in her first year of high school at a local church. Later she continued to serve as a Sunday school director & an education pastor of a local church. During this time she finished her master's degree from Korea and as well as she served the local A-private school as an English teacher and mathematics teacher.


She wakes up at 4 o’clock to join the morning worship time. She always went to church twice a day, mostly during the morning worship time and after work. If the church door was closed, she’s just kneeled outside to pray and spend time with God. She is a strong believer in prayer from an early age until today, her faithful life had to lead her to trust God and her local church. The Senior Pastor Man-Kyu Cho of Songpa Church, who was also the Director and Professor of her theological Seminary, gave a recommendation for her to be able to receive a denomination scholarship so she could finish studying theology. She was able to graduate and had a Bachelor's degree &  Master’s Degree in seven and a half years.

More than half of her family lived in Korea and some of the family members lived in the United States. She grew up using American school supplies, books, clothes, and all other American goods. Her family had the opportunity to apply as immigrants to the United States, but they did not, instead, they stayed in their country to continue their parent’s mission to protect their homeland. During her childhood, she always listened to the stories about the achievements of their family and ancestors.  As a child, she inherited the achievements of her ancestors and their will and grew into a deeply healthy spirit and loves her country.

During college summer vacation, she had a part-time job at a trading company, translating English documents and working with foreign buyers. She also worked at a construction company as an accountant. She learned the business world at an early age.

She was able to serve English Worship Services at the church and non-profit English schools. She taught English for free to many local people. She also volunteered to teach those people who could not go to the academy because they didn’t have money. She was a patriot who taught the Korean Language to Americans living in Korea.

Life in the United States  

At the age of 26, she migrated to the United States after she decided to study Theology to be a professor at An-yang University. The chairman of the Theology School sent her to the local Korean Church in L.A. She was admitted to California State Long Beach where her relative professor Jae K Shim who was a professor at the MBA school.

After coming to the United States, she served as chief executive of several companies, and she also serves communities as an education pastor & Sunday school director for the local Church. she has  served many non-profits 

She is a female leader who has achieved her dream of becoming an immigrant in the United States, where she has studied three master's programs and four doctoral programs. In the end, she gained extensive expertise and a wide range of disciplines with three doctoral degrees.

She was an entrepreneur who jumped into high technology from the very beginning of immigration and started the first kind of business that did not exist at that time that much.

Her business initially expanded services throughout southern California. as well as Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Since then, she has moved the headquarters to Northern California for about seven years, making several appearances on television and in newspapers as the most successful female entrepreneur in the industry. Since then, the company has expanded its service across the country.

When she toured the U.S. between 2003 and 2007, she established branches in major cities, created many branches that covered the U.S., created many agents, and created jobs.

The company relocated its headquarters to Beverly Hills and LA in 2007 and is currently operating. For 24 years she has grown it to serve 147 countries with Vantiv, Worldpay, and NPC, the world's leading financial banking services firms. In 2011-2015, she was one of the most successful women CEOs in the global financial sector, traveling and exploring industry-leading sectors in Asia and Europe.

 She began her own high-tech global banking self-employment business in her mid-20s as soon as she came to the United States in 1996. In 2000, she worked for seven years in Silicon Valley, where she established her career as a specialist in high technology.

She has been invited to interviews and talk shows as the top successful female entrepreneur through several newspapers and television media in Northern California.

She has been known as the most successful entrepreneur in the industry, in various fields in various media on major media such as Ko-am News, Intersection, and US-Korea Radio. IT Finance through various media. Banking, merchandise, business, financing, law, investments, and many other columns have been used to provide local business owners with professional information and help subsidiaries with numerous business owners and entrepreneurs.

She worked for a long time with Bank of America, WELLS FARGO, CHASE, and several banks as merchant services sales Chanel partner and finance as she also started managing a successful investment and finance company in 2000. She is a world-leading high-tech company entrepreneur and a decade-long partner in the Global Banking industry.

She has also run a finance & real estate investment company since 1996.  Hundreds of Finance & investment partnership companies have worked with her. She has been working in a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway & Prudential realty Beverly Hills office operated by Warren Buffett.

She currently operates a state-of-the-art global banking company in Beverly Hills, District 33, and operates real estate companies, a global investment, and legal services.


She has the largest number of customers with 24 years of active business, especially in District 33 through to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hancock Park, Malibu Beach, Pallas Bod, Long Beach, Torrance, Manhattan Beach Carlsbad, and all over the place for 24 years, with helping business owners in District 33, providing local, state-of-the-art services for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


She has met tens of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs, so she knows their pain and the difficulties and needs of running a business.


For 24 years she experienced entrepreneurship and small business ownership and knows the pain and hardship.


Therefore she is a candidate ready to work for the same entrepreneurs who will be able to aid the needs of the business owners in the region.


She's a CEO who has experienced the difficult process from the ground up to the top executive, therefore she understands & can help entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs who have experienced so many successes and failures to this day. Her policy is to help local business owners and create more jobs. This is because a company must live to live in society and create a lot of employment and jobs.

Dr. Sarah Liew has a very distinguished educational background. She has a Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing Degree with a Major in Study for Non-profit and Profit Marketing and Sales at Newburgh University.

She also completed a Certified Harvard Business School (MBA) Online Major studied for certified completion Leadership Principal & Entrepreneur Essentials.

Certified Completion Harvard Graduate School of Education (MED) Online Major studied certified of completion for certified leading change for School Management. 

She has a D.B.A. (Doctor Business Administration) Degree, Major Study for International Trade and E-commerce Information Technology, and Finance at Pacific State University.

She studied M.B.A /CPA at UC Berkeley and studied for CPA for the financial manager. She studied M.B.A, a major Study for International trade and e-commerce information technology and finance at Pacific State University.

She graduated with a Second Postdoctoral Ph.D. Biblical Preaching Degree, Major study for comparison of impact for public between the Leadership of Jesus' Biblical Preaching and Leadership of Political Leaders' Speech at Newburgh University.

She studied at Abraham Lincoln Law school for a JD doctoral program pursued to be a business attorney (2001-2002. Also, she graduated with paralegal courses & LDA courses both same time from Pacific International Graduate School of Law

She has additional certifications such as a Certified Real Estate Broker, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Commercial Specialist, Certified Multi-family Apartment Specialist, Certified Real Estate -Investment Specialist, Certified Business Investment Specialist, Certified Short-Sales specialist, Certified REO Specialist, Certified Foreclosure Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Specialist, Certified Mortgage Broker, Certified Loan modification Specialist, Certified HAFA Specialist, Certified Factoring Broker, Certified Business Broker, Certified Cash Flow Specialist, Certified Factoring Specialist, Certified Paralegal and Certified LDA (legal document assistant).

She became CEO in several companies and foundations for years and desires to return all of her expertise and success back to the community. It was always in her heart to fight against poverty by creating jobs, especially for less fortunate people. She felt privileged to serve in several community leadership positions through various non-profit organizations, churches, hospitals, and schools. She has witnessed the people who don’t have an opportunity, people who are helpless and in need, and people who have stories that were never heard.

As the CEO of a real estate investment and legal service company, she fought for various legal issues including, immigration, international trade, IT issues, business, and education issues. Furthermore, Dr. Liew has been helping entrepreneurs, small business owners in training, law, and business investment.

As a non-profit organization CEO, Dr. Sarah Liew leads an organization that aims to produce managers, youth leaders, women leaders in the fields of IT professionals, technology education, professional training courses, and women’s leadership for mainstream and Korean communities. In return, they will be able to operate for-profit and non- profit organizations.

Thank you for your interest in community development and learning more about the candidates for the 33rd Congressional District Council.


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew for Congress 2020 & 2022

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